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Welcome to my homepage


I am assistant professor at the Institute for Computational Civil Engineering (L-5)
I am working in the field of Computational Engineering, mostly from the point of view of developing simulation systems based on Finite Element Method. Here you will find an outline of my research and teaching activities. For detailed information on the particular subject you can use the menu on the right. Welcome. roman3.jpg


Dr Roman Putanowicz
Institute for Computational Civil Engineering (L-5)
Cracow University of Technology
ul. Waszawska 24
31-155 Cracow

tel: +48 12 628 25 69
fax: +48 12 628 20 34

For seeing me in person: Room 402, 4-th floor, building of Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

My timetable
Tutoring hours for summer term 2017/2018 : Tuesday 11:45–12:30, Thursday 11.00–12:30


My research concentrates on selected topics related to design and implementation of scientific simulation systems for computational mechanics. In particular I am interested in:

  • FEM based problem solving environment for coupled problems in application to material modling (mainly concrete)
  • Finite Element mesh generation
  • scientific data visualisation
  • isogeometric method
  • discrete exterior calculus
  • problem solving environments for finite element method

There is a separate page where with more info on my research.

I am also interested in several topics related to programming as: multi-language programming (SWIG), programming in Python, Octave, Erlang, Ch, graphical user interfaces (Qt).

Science Code Manifesto

I fully endorse


The complete list of my projects is here. Currently I am actively working on the following ones:


In summer term 2013/2014 I am teaching:

  • Computational methods – 2nd year, undergraduate course, lab (in English) Course webpage

The other subjects I usually teach are:

  • Applied mathematics and numerical methods – undergraduate course

Detailed information on each subject and other teaching related information can be found on this page.

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